Royal Observer Corps (ROC)

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There is a wealth of material on the ROC available online. As always, Wikipedia is a good place to start.

Chris Cock’s ROC Photographs

Our project volunteer Chris Cock was an ROC observer for over a decade, until its disbandment in ….. All of the images below are copyright Chris Cock

Thetford ROC post, 1951

Chris Cock (right) on top of ROC post ………

Chris Cock in the Mundford ROC post on Families Day, 1981

Chris Cock (centre) operating the TeleTalk apparatus at 32 Post, Mundford, during exercise WARMON, 21st September 1981, with Observer Steven Rand (standing) and Observer Chris Hayes (front).

…. changing the [photographic paper in the Ground Zero Indicator apparatus at Mundford ROC post.

Unauthorised additional WW2-vintage Anderson shelter added outside their post by the Mundford ROC Observers.