The Internal Archaeology of the Warrens and the Lodge Sites

This project built on the Breckland Warrens Project of 2008-10. The focus was to uncover evidence for the methods of operating the warrens – such as trapping banks or breeding compounds (clappers).

Field work was scheduled for the winter of 2014-15 – the hope being that the traces on the ground would be easier to see once frost had killed off the bracken.  Unfortunately the prevailing mild weather conditions meant that the ground cover was little affected.



Spot the bank!

Despite this, fieldwork and archival work  has revealed that there are 13 Breckland warrens where sections of multiple banks run parallel to each other, adjacent to the perimeter bank and with two banks ‘funnelling in’ before separating as parallel banks again. This project was able to research 11 of these warrens for evidence of trapping banks, with access and time being the limiting factors. The results from these eleven sites are given on the subsequent pages. Additional warrens with the possibility of trapping banks, but which were not surveyed, are: Black Rabbit; East Wretham; Eriswell; Gooderstone; Stanton and Sturston.

Our findings are published in the illustrated report: Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 and on the pages of this website.