Barton Mills

Beachamwell Warren

Map of Location

Warren Features

Earliest documentary evidence

1289  Account Rolls for Barton Parva record purchase of 12 rabbits for 5 shillings – but rabbits could have come from elsewhere..

Other documentary evidence

Other documents which may contain references : Manor of Mildenhall and property in Barton Parva

Bunbury Family Papers, including rentals and surveys  (WSROB E18/310/1-2;WSROB E18/151-18/454;WSROB E18/100/2; WSROB HA507/2/294)

Enclosure 1802 Deeds of Transfer


Main lodge – Highway Diversion shows ‘warren house’ 1871 (WSROB FL527/13/2)

Boundary Banks

No trace of warren banks; two modern houses on site of ‘warren house’and main road adjacent.


No evidence on ground as two modern houses on site of ‘warren house’ and main road adjacent.

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