Broomhill Warren

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Warren Features

Earliest documentary evidence

In  1413-14  twenty  shillings  were  paid  for  the  farm  of  the warrens at Oteringhithe,  Santon  and  Brundale,  and  in  the  next account  ten shillings were  rendered  for rabbits  ‘taken  at Weeting hill’.  Oteringhythe is an old name for Bromehill [PRO,DL29,290/4765  and  4769 cited in Bailey, M., The rabbit and the medieval East Anglian economy, pp 1-20 BAHR 36.1 (1988)]
Other documentary evidence

Until the dissolution in 1528 the warren was the property of Broomhill priory.  In  1526 the manor of Bromehill with a ‘warren of conies’ was leased by the priory to Thomas Page , yeoman of Brandon Ferry
Subsequently the manor and its lands passed to the ownership of the master, fellows, and scholars of Christ’s College, Cambridge

1627 leased by the college to Rowland Forster ( or Fowler?) of Bromehill for 5½ quarters of wheat, 6 of malt, 1 quarter of oats and a boar for brawn at Christmas.  The manor is referred to as Broomhill or Stringheith or Otteringhythe

1730 leased to Gregory Copinger on the same terms for 21 years

1738 lease to Gregory Copinger renewed

1745 leased to Thos. De Grey and Edw. Isaac Jackson for 21 years

1750 leased to Gregory Copinger of Weeting (Gent) for 21 years

1753 leased to De Grey and Jackson for 21 years

1760 leased to Edward Isaac Jackson, apothecary and Thomas De Gray, both of Bury St Edmunds for 21 years, on the same terms as the lease of 1627.

1775 21 year lease to Thos. Coppinger Moyle, esq

1781 leased to the Earl Mountrath for 21 years

1789 lease to Mountrath renewed

1795 lease to Mountrath renewed for 21 years at the same terms as 1627

1803 leased to Lord Bradford for 21 years

1813 sold to John Julius Angerstein for £10,143.  authorised by statute of  42 Geo III
[Lease in the archive of Christ’s College Pat. 23 Hen. VIII, pt. ii, mm. 23 and 24.Leases in the archive of Christ’s College, letter about Chancery  proceedings in the archive of Christ’s College]
Boundary Banks

1803 £4 paid to robert Smith & Co for repair of the banks [NRO MS13807];

Lodge on edge of Lodge Breck marked on the Cadogan Estate Map 1791 [WSROB M550/3]

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