Industrious Rivers – Project Archive

During the period October 2022 to January 2024, the Breckland Society carried out the second of our lottery-funded projects under the auspices of the Brecks Fend Edge & Rivers landscape partnership.

The final report is being put together now (February 2024) and will be published in printed form and as a PDF in the coming months; a link to the PDF will be available here.

However, the report is just a short summary of all of the research, both ‘desk-based’ and field-based that we did. The purpose of this particular web page is to pull together all of project files, especially the photographs taken by our volunteers at all of the many sites along the rivers we investigated, as an enduring record of how those sites looked in 2023/24, for those who may be interested in the future in what we did.

Image Galleries

The following individual pages bring together, site by site, the photographs we took at many locations along our formerly industrious rivers. Click on each river’s name to access the associated photo galleries. Some of them also include copyright-free historic images.

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  • River Transport
  • Locks and stanches
  • Water transport – lighters etc.
  • Bridges
  • Mills
  • Maltings
  • Deports for coal etc.