Ordering JBS

Members of the following societies may obtain copies of JBS at reduced cost, as those societies contributed to the production costs of various volumes

  • The Breckland Society
  • The Bury Society
  • The Suffolk Preservation Trust

If you are a member of any of these groups, please use the “Member Price” below.

Vol 4 Vol 3 Vol 2 Normal Price Member Price
X X X £20.00 £15.50
X X £17.50 £15.00
X X £17.50 £15.00
X £12.50 £8.00
X X £7.50
X £5.00
X £5.00

As a small organisation, we don’t have an online ‘store’. To order your copies, please do the following:

  • Send an email to jbssales.brecsoc@gmail.com and tell us:
    – how many copies of which volumes you want
    – the total price
    – your name
    – the shipping address
    – how you will be paying (or have already paid)
  • If you use online banking, please pay that total to the following account:
    – A/c name:   The Breckland Society
    – Sort code:    30-92-88
    – Account:      0148 2457
    – Reference: “JBS” followed by your surname
  • Alternatively you can send a cheque to The Treasurer, The Breckland Society,  Old Chequers, 13 School Road, Foulden, IP26 5AA. Please make it payable to The Breckland Society, and write “JBS” on the back.

Prices include Postage & Packing.