Completed Projects

The first of these, the Vernacular Architecture Project, was grant-aided by the Heritage Lottery Fund and ended on 31 March 2008. Information about this project is available here.

In March 2008 the Society was awarded a grant by English Heritage for its second project, on the historic Rabbit Warrens of the Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks. For details about this project, which ended on 31 March 2010, please click here.

The Society was also very involved in Breaking New Ground: A Heritage Landscape Partnership for The Brecks. It lead on six projects:

  • Flint In The Brecks
  • Internal Archaeology Of The Brecks Warrens
  • The Military History Of The Brecks, 1900-1949
  • Sheep In The Brecks
  • The Brecks Heritage Trails
  • Establishing The Journal of Breckland Studies

Please click here for more information on these projects

In May 2014 the Society launched the Breckland Bat Project; click here for more information.