Breaking New Ground

The Breckland Society was pleased to play a major role in Breaking New Ground, a Heritage Landscape Partnership Scheme for The Brecks which concluded at the end of 2017. The Society’s chairman, James Parry, served as chairman of the scheme board from 2015–17.

Breaking New Ground                   Heritage Lottery Funded

The HLF made a grant for £1.46 million towards a total BNG budget of £2.2 million. The partnership was led by a variety of different organizations, including the Breckland Society, in a core area of the Brecks and delivered 46 new projects across four main categories:

  • Conserving or restoring the built and natural features that create the historic landscape character
  • Increasing community participation in local heritage
  • Increasing access to and learning about the landscape area and its heritage
  • Increasing training opportunities in local heritage skills

The Society had a total of six projects in Breaking New Ground:

Flint in The Brecks

This project recorded the use and origins of flint within the Brecks. To read our findings, please visit the Flint in the Brecks project page.

Flin flushwork
Flint flushwork

The Internal Archaeology of the Brecks Warrens

This project surveyed the internal earthwork archaeology of the Brecks warrens. The findings and illustrated project report are reported on the Internal Archaeology project pages. The report is also available free of charge from Ceres Bookshop in Swaffham.

The Military History of the Brecks

This project carried out fieldwork and archival research into the military heritage of the Brecks from 1900–49. You can read about its findings, and the wider military history of the area, in the illustrated project report click here. Hard copies of the report are available free of charge from Ceres Bookshop in Swaffham while stocks last.

THE MILITARY HISTORY of the BRECKS 1900–1949 A Report by The Breckland Society

Sheep In The Brecks

This project documented the long history of sheep husbandry and shepherding in the area. You can read about its findings in the illustrated project report. Hard copies of the report are also available free of charge from Brandon Heritage Centre and from Ceres Bookshop in Swaffham while stocks last.

The Brecks Heritage Trails

This project was delivered in association with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils and comprised a series of ten “themed” heritage trails across the Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks, suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The trails use existing rights of way, including bridleways and cycle paths, to provide onthe-ground circular and linear routes of differing lengths. New waymarking was installed, as well as interpretation panels highlighting local history, wildlife and points of interest.

Journal of Breckland Studies (JBS)

First published in June 2017 as part of Breaking New Ground, the JBS is an illustrated 80-page periodic publication containing articles on different aspects of the history and heritage of the Brecks. Further volumes followed in autumn 2018 and spring 2020, with more planned; please click here for more information.