Little Lodge Old Building

Little Lodge Farm Old Building

Name of Researcher: Liz Taylor

Name or number of building

Little Lodge Farm “Hidden Building”

Street name


Santon Downham IP27 0TX



Current use

Now largely built around is the remains of a substantial flint building. Walls remaining are 2-storey in places, and floor plan is at least double the size of the main barn (which is approx 9.5 x 14 metres)

Other Farm Building

Nature of original building (if discernible)

Not known

Alterations and additions

Please describe (if discernible)

Wooden loose boxes / corrugated sheds &c added to walls. Windows bricked up &c

Approximate General Period

Please include any information giving a more specific date, e.g. date plaque.

No idea…….


Single building



Walling Material

Flint & Brick

Flint Walling Technique

Unlike present Barn, are sections of wall

of this building that are ‘knapped’ i.e. shaped

Random Rubble

Irregular Coursed

Regular Coursed


Roofing Material

Now corrugated iron / concrete

One or two courses of pantiles

in places


Doorway /Lintel Detail

Can’t be sure that any original

doorways remain.

Window Detail

Formerly external walls are now all

Internal and windows bricked / blocked.

Originally appears all windows were

small with wooden lintels & sills.

Are a couple of ‘slit’ windows: no

brick &c edging.