Lynford, Church of our Lady of Consolation and St Stephen

Church of our Lady of Consolation and St Stephen, Lynford

Lynford 01

Name of Researcher/s Carol Palfreyman & Michael Willett

Name or number of building

Church of our Lady of Consolation and St Stephen

Street name






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Current use

Church (in use) Church (redundant)

More or less redundant, but used for occasional Masses

Nature of original building (if discernible)

Private chapel for the estate owner

Alterations and additions

Please describe (if discernible)

Approximate General Period

Please include any information giving a more specific date, e.g. date plaque.

Victorian – 1830-1900

Completed 1878


Church :

Nave only



Walling Material

Flint & Sandstone

Flint Walling Technique

Irregular Coursed


Roofing Material

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Doorway /Lintel Detail


N door is plain &topped by a statue of the virgin & child under a canopy 

Lynford 08

Window Detail

Windows on S & N walls are single light

Lynford 04

Twin 2-light windows on W Wall

Lynford 07 Lynford 01

4 light window on E wall (hard to access)

Please describe any outstanding or significant flintwork

All the flintwork is of high quality

Lynford 06

Any other details or information

Predominantly black flint throughout. No rubble. All flints are smoothed faced and of similar size. Given the regularity of size and shape many of the are possibly the cores left over after flaking.

There is no galleting as the flints are laid very close.

The coursing is mostly regular, particularly on the lower parts, becoming more irregular

further up

Lynford 03