Santon Downham St Mary

St Mary’s Church, Santon Downham


SantonDownham 04

Name of Researcher Elizabeth Taylor

Name or number of building

St Mary the Virgin

Street name


Santon Downham




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Current use

Church (in use)

Nature of original building (if discernible)


Alterations and additions

Please describe (if discernible)

Approximate General Period

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Medieval – up to 1530


Church :

Nave and Chancel

Tower North Porch



Walling Material

Other Combination

Inclusions of stone, clunch, chalk & brick in flint walls

Stone facings of windows, doors, corners.

Carved stone panels

Flint Walling Technique

Random Rubble Yes, some

Irregular Coursed Yes, some

Regular Coursed Yes, some

Knapped Yes, some
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Roofing Material

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Doorway /Lintel Detail

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SantonDownham 07

Window Detail

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 SantonDownham 05


Tower west

Nave South Wall west

Nave South Wall east

Chancel South wall Chancel North wall

Chancel east wall

Please describe any outstanding or significant flintwork