Lingheath Flint Mines, Brandon


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Researched by Tim Bridge.

The Lingheath flint mine complex has been extensively recorded and mapped by the Royal Commission for Historical Monuments. As part of this project, an archival resource has been compiled for the site, with copies of maps, photographs and written records. A summary of these records is included below.  Where extracts from records are available, the may be accessed by clicking on the relevant file icon.

Documentary evidence for the mine, including its earliest documented date and last documented date

Name of Flint Mine

Ling Heath

11 January 1813

We the churchwardens and overseers of the poor agree to let the poor of Brandon raise stone on the Lingheath

Brandon Vestry Minutes 1807-1820 Suffolk Record Office FL/536/1/1


Late 1930’s: film of “Pony” Ashley

East Anglian Film Archive Catalog #196

Rainbird Clarke cites Lingheath as being in production from 1720, but does not provide any evidence

The Flint-Knapping Industry at Brandon Rainbird Clarke, Antiquity

Skertchly in 1879 states: “The flint has been worked on Lingheath for about 160 years”

Memoirs of the geological survey
England and Wales.
On the manufacture of gun-flints,
the methods of excavating for flint, the age of paleolithic man, and the connexion between neolithic art and the gun-flint trade.
Sydney B. J. Skertchly,F.G.S

HMSO London 1879

Documentary evidence for ownership of the mine, with dates

Lingheath Trust formed by Enclosure Act 1809 – still current owners of the land.

Brandon Bypass, A Report On The Archaeological Assessment” Duffy 2005

Documentary evidence of the flint miners and their working conditions and way of life, such as wills and inventories. Please give summary details and highlight those documents of particular importance

Accounts of stone raising 1815

Suffolk Record Office FL 536/1/59


List of diggers 1823/4

Suffolk Record Office FL 536/1/55


Lists of diggers & manufacturers 1838

Suffolk Record Office HC506/9


Will of Robert Olby 1834

Norfolk Record Office, NCC will register, Harrowing 187


List of mines & “Owners” [probably miners] 1896

Published by the Peak District Mines Historical Society


Death of a flint knapper reported in the Thetford & Watton Times January 1st 1916


Documentary evidence for transactions and trade in flints, including references to flints being sent to knappers (where possible, give details of knapping sites etc)

Sheds converted for knapping at the Workhouse 1822

Brandon gunflint Committee Minutes Suffolk Record Office FL536/1/54


Money Raised for raising stone

Brandon gunflint Committee Minutes Suffolk Record Office FL536/1/55


Accounts of gunflints manufactured

Brandon gunflint Committee Minutes Suffolk Record Office FL536/1/57  


Any other information

36 individuals associated with flint working in 1851 census -see spreadsheet ‘1851 census extract.xls’

National Archives HO107/1832


Mines visible on air photo from 1945/6

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