Beachamwell Warren

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Description of the site: Warren Boundary bank from TF 78879 07617 to TF 78814 07580 but with two ‘spurs’ at western end (TF 78814 07580). Southern branch may be part of bank visible from Ride 105 (TF 78678 07460)

Maximum dimension of the site (in metres)

Length: 67 metres

Main bank :61 metres. + spurs

Northern spur:: 5 metres

Southern spur: 6 metres

Bank near Ride 105 (TF 78678 07460): 24 metres

Width: 6 metres

of bank: 6 metres

Width of spurs: 6 metres

Bank near Ride 105: 4.5 metres

Features present


The bank has immature firs planted along the length. These are marked with red for thinning, and green to mark to the presence of a bank, perhaps

Shape of features in plan (eg rectangular, oval, straight, curving)

Straight bank running east/west with two spurs at western end. Southern spur curves slightly to the south-west

Compass alignment of features


Maximum dimensions of features (in metres)


Main bank: 61 metres

Northern spur: 5 metres

Southern spur: 6 metres

Bank near Ride 105 (TF 78678 07460): 24 metres


6 metres

Bank near Ride 105: 4.5 metres


1.0 meter high perhaps

Bank near Ride 105: 0.5 metres

Profile of features

Slope of sides

Gentle sloping sides

Base/top flat

Land use

Forestry Plantation

Notes and interpretation

Southern boundary bank of Beachamwell Warren runs from grid reference TF 78879 07617 – but the two spurs – perhaps start of double bank – are difficult to interpret. The southern spur may be part of the bank that is visible close to Ride 105 at grid ref TF 78678 07460. Immature firs are planted along the bank and are marked for thinning. Generally the bank is in excellent condition.

The eastern end of the bank abuts a ride that marks the end of FC owned land and the former eastern boundary line of Beachamwell Warren. However the surveyed boundary bank does not curve northwards to join the remaining and, in part, substantial warren boundary bank that runs northwards along the parish boundary.