Thetford Warren

A set of four to five parallel earthwork banks are visible on aerial photographs form county and parish boundaries together with a droveway. These banks run from TL 8462 8641 to TL 8380 8565 and have been located on the ground. Two of the banks converge and funnel in, replicating the pattern/arrangement noted on the other warrens.

Flint-Facing on the Banks of Thetford Warren

The perimeter banks of Thetford Warren survive only in part, and mostly where they are also the parish and county boundary. However, the most striking feature of the banks is on the western boundary where, in sections as long as 100 metres, the side of the bank facing into the warren has been faced with flints.

This flint facing was also discovered on the external elevation of the perimeter bank immediately to the north of the site of Reed Fen Lodge.

Thetford Warren is the only warren where this use of flint facing has been found so far.